Still Life

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Three jugs

blackberry and apple pie

african violets on a yellow cloth

Blue plum

purple plums and violets

Toasted Camembert, with chilli seeds

Wallflowers in an Altrincham park

Wallflowers in an Altrincham park

Sainsbury's Dragon fruit

purple daisies in a yellow pot

emerald ruby sapphire

pears and daisies in a green pot

Halved pomegranate

rubber plant in terracotta pot

Conglomerate, obsidian, shale

Pears in a plastic bowl

cut-out of a boxed garnet ring

Green plum

four oranges

Jade pot

plums in a green bowl (false colours)

artichoke, pepper and bowl

african violets and begonias

rhinestones in a roundel

aster on a table

still life on a tea towel draped on a tray

rubber plant on a yellow cloth

rubber plant on yellow cloth

apricots and nectarines

sketch of rubber plant

black chair with mango

four-part yellow pepper on red

a green sweet

sweet selection

iris flowers with frost crystals

mortar and terracotta jug

olives and pineapple

vin rouge

vegetables and fruit on a yellow grid

transcribed tartan rug

still life with snooker balls

abstract tabletop with grey jug

acid yellow lemons plus lychees

fantasy with fruit and oil bottle