First Versions (painted onto acetate)

These were painted onto acetate sheets, using acrylic paint, in reverse order (light to dark) to be looked at through the acetate. By this method the first mark you make will always obscure the next, and so forth, until the painting is completely filled up: there is never any “going back”. This is the antithesis of the way in which acrylic or oil paints are normally used, and embodies a final commitment to the first version. Their looseness or roughness of execution has to do with the fact that each picture amounts to the recording of a live performance.

acetate with shadowed blocks No.1

acetate with turquoise field

acetate pierced landscape

acetate with very big wave

another acetate spacious playground

acetate spacious playground

acetate with shadowed blocks No.2

acetate urban parkland

acetate urban parkland

acetate with shadowed blocks No.1

acetate hot coloured landscape

acetate purples and maroons

acetate textural landscape

acetate abstract sketch

acetate balloons and sky

acetate sunrise on wheat